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Falling Behind!

I was hoping to post every evening, but I guess that I am finding that sometimes life gets in the way.  After I posted on Monday, Dear Hubby "decides" to get sick!  He was up most of the night!  Darling Twin Son had a hard time sleeping.  He does not like to be the only one awake at night!  I get a little out of sorts if I get my sleep interrupted at night.  So, you can probably guess just how my day went on Tuesday!!  It was not my best day to say the least!  But thankfully, I have a very forgiving family, and things were much better today!

This morning started late, again!  But school still was finished and no one suffered any from a little extra shut eye!  Everyone is back to normal, meaning over the "sickies" for the most part.  Daughter #2 is feeling so much better!  She is eating her hot sauce again!!!! 

I love creating cards!  I went to a stamp club last night, Tuesday Tappers!  We always have a good time!  If I ever figure out how to get pictures on this I will share with you!  Guess all I need to is let one of the children sit down at the computer, and they will have it figured out within seconds!!!! 

Church was great tonight!  The preacher spoke out of 1 Kings 17--the prophet Elijah and the widow.  The truths never get old!  The obedience and trust the widow had!!  I need to be more like her.  She is a wonderful testimony even in the day we live in.  Our situation, and probably yours,  is nothing like hers.  She lived in a drought, had no food and was preparing to die.  But, she listened, obeyed and was blessed!  We have so much more, even if we don't have much, but how often do we really listen and obey?  What blessings are we missing out on?  Just a thought.  Okay, I put my "pulpit" away!!! ;-) 


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My Mother's Gentle Love

My Mother's Gentle Love
by Ron Hamilton
Who puts a band-aid on my knee?
Who holds me close so tenderly?
Who always sees the best in me?
There’s no one like mother.

Who always wipes my tears away?
Who tells me I’ll be great some day?
Who cares in such a gentle way?
There’s no one like mother.

My mother’s gentle love, my mother’s gentle love
Has taught me of God’s tender care, and turned my eyes above.
I’ll bless her all my days for all her gentle ways.
Oh, how I thank my Lord above for my mother’s gentle love.

Today is my mother's viewing, and tomorrow is her funeral.  The song above so much describes my mom.  She loved her four children so very much!  Before she had children, she was a nurse for "special care" babies~~"old" term for NICU.  Once she started having children she gave up her career to stay at home and raise her own babies. Thanks, Mom!

Thank you, Daddy, for allowing Mom to stay at home and raise us four children!

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Finally, here are pictures from Son #6 and Daughter #5's graduation.  I finally figured out what I was doing wrong downloading pictures!!

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Six years ago today my family's heart was broken by the death of my mother.  Today turned happy because Grandbaby number 11 was born!  Grandson W was born at 12:38 pm, weighing 8 pounds 15 ounces, and 22 1/2 inches long!  Daughter #1 and babe are doing well!!!!! (pictures will follow later once the parents have a chance to brag on their own!!!)